Liberon have been producing Waxes, Oils, French Polishes, Wood Dye and Restoration materials since 1912 for woodwork and wooden furniture. They offer a specialist Black Bison Wax range along with superior Liberon Danish oil and Finishing Oil to more unique products like Liming Wax and Wood Bleacher. These have been used by traditional wood finishers and restorers over many generations.


Does Liberon still offer antiquing fluid tourmaline for Metal?

Liberon antiquing fluid tourmaline was discontinued some time ago but Priory polishes offer their own product that does the exact same thing. Priory polishes antiquing fluid tourmaline comes in a black or brown version, ideal for colouring metals such as Brass, Copper and some Steel (see the product description for the most suitable). For other metals you can try to use Liberon Iron Paste or Verdigris wax depending on the type of finish you are looking for. 

What Liberon Products can be used to lighten wood?

Liberon wood bleacher is ideal for this. This wood bleach will not only lighten the timber but also can be used to remove dark stains caused by rust, alcohol, damp or ink. It will only work on bare untreated wood and once you are happy with the results, you need to seal the wood with a suitable finish like a their finishing oil or fine paste wax.

Does Liberon offer a white wax?

Yes, Liberon does offer a white wax that you can use to create a limed wash effect. We offer everything you need to do this including Liberon lime wax, liming brush, steel wool 0000 to apply and Liberon wax polish black bison clear to seal and protect. We have done a full tutorial blog with video here showing you how you can use this white wax to create a stunning limed effect. 

What is better is to use Liberon wax or Oil to finish my wood?

This really depends on the type of finish you are looking to achieve and whether you want a water resistant finish or smooth natural wax feel. It is usually best to stain your wood to your chosen shade first using a palette or spirit wood dye. Once you are happy with the shade you can use Liberon wood products to finish. If you are looking for a more natural feel to your wood you can use a beeswax like Liberon bison paste wax. Before applying the wax you can seal the wood dye using a sanding sealer (they did supply their own spirit sanding sealer but this has been discontinued, so a good alternative is Priory polishes sanding sealer).

For a more water resistant finish then I would apply Liberon hard wax oil. It can be applied using a brush and is very easy to use. This will offer a robust finish that can withstand most daily usage. 

Can Liberon Danish oil be used on antique Furniture?

Yes, Liberon superior danish oil can be used on most furniture but for antiques, you may want to consider a more traditional finish. Liberon does offer a range of french polish including a polish for ebonising ( for black polish application techniques see our article here). We are also stockists of their entire range for restoring antiques from their wax filler sticks to repair small holes to their ring remover, ideal to get rid of those unsightly white water marks. If you need any advice on what would be the best Liberon polishes for your project, please contact us as we are always happy to advise.