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check you are happy with the Clean Brass Handles

How to Clean Brass Handles

Learn how to clean Brass handles with this simple and easy method below. This works perfect on all solid brass handles, old antique vintage handles and even door handles.

As most handles get very grubby and tarnished over time from use, they can become, black, dull and seized. This is mainly because damp in the atmosphere, years of dirt and grease that has been collected from use.

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repair a scratch in wood furniture

How to repair a scratch in wood furniture

It is very annoying when you see wood scratches in your furniture. It can actually devalue antique furniture if very prominent and new looking. Below we have several ways how to repair a scratch in wood furniture, using different methods.

Firstly you need to determine how deep the scratch is and what the finish is on the piece of furniture.

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French polishing

French polishing

This article will teach you how to French polish professionally using shellac or button Polish and also offer an insight into the history, techniques and products needed to French polish your furniture to a beautiful sheen. This technique has been used for centuries on wood furniture, musical instruments such as Pianos and Guitars and used in the restoration of antiques.

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How to Restore and Clean Antique Castors

How to Restore and Clean Antique Castors

Learn how to clean antique castors with a simple and easy method below. Old Vintage antique castors are usually extremely well built using metals like Brass, Copper or Steel but over time they can become seized, rusty and un-usable. This is because of damp, from mopping etc. and years of dirt and grease that has been collected from use.

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Silvering & Finishing Clock Dial

How to Restore and Re-Silver your Clock Dial

Priory Polishes have been supplying the Horological clock trade for many years with unique restoration products. If you have a Barometer or Clock Dial in need of restoration and re-silvering we have everything you need in one handy kit.

restore your clock

Restore your Clock using Priory Polishes Clock Case Restorer

Our Clock Case Restorer has been specially formulated by Priory Polishes for the cleaning of all wooden clocks; from Grandfather clocks, Mantel, Wall and Long case clocks. It will renovate and revive the original finish and bring the patina back to life, leaving a beautiful sheen without the need of re-French polishing.

Burnishing Cream

How to use Burnishing Cream

Our Priory Polishes Burnishing Cream is designed to burnish all dull finished surfaces on modern and antique furniture. It is especially effective on newly French polished, lacquered, painted surfaces and varnishes to produce a beautiful sheen.

Polish Reviver

How to Clean and Revive Wood Furniture

Our Priory Polishes Polish Reviver has been specially formulated to restore, clean and revive finished surfaces on all furniture and woods, without the need and expense of having your item French-Polished. It will enhance the original patina to create a beautiful lustre whilst removing years of dirt, grime, some white rings, heat marks, watermarks, haze and bloom.