Chalk Paint by Annie Sloan

We offer Furniture Chalk Paint by Annie Sloan in all unique colours. Annie Sloan Chalk Paint is a superb furniture paint that is easy to use with some very unusual colours. We are stockists of all Annie Sloan paints and their Waxes, Lacquers, brushes, Stencils and finishes. We now also offer a Chalk Paint Workshop in our Lancashire showroom.


How do you use chalk paint?

There are many different ways you can use chalk paint depending on the finish and effect you are looking for. If you are interested in learning the best way to use chalk paint and all the different methods, then we hold Annie Sloan chalk paint workshops at our showroom in Clitheroe Lancashire. Please click here to see the next available dates. We offer basic, advanced and paint a piece workshops showing you how painting furniture with chalk paint can be fun, therapeutic and how you can create a business of your own by using these techniques to recycle and renovate. Our chalk paint classes are reasonably priced and we supply everything you need including lite snacks and drinks. 

Where can I buy Annie Sloan chalk paint near me?

As Annie Sloan chalk paint is such a niche product, there are not many shops that supply this paint but here at Priory Polishes, we stock the entire chalk paint range including accessories and offer free home delivery over £20. All the chalk paint colours are clearly displayed on our website or you are welcome to shop in store in our Lancashire showroom. You will not find the full range of this unique product in shops like Wickes, Aldi, Homebase or B&Q. We clearly display and stock all paint and accessories including chalk paint brushes and chalk paint finishing wax at reasonable prices. 

Can chalk paint be used on any surface?

Yes, chalk paint can be used on most surfaces such as wood, metal, plaster and even fabric. Its versatile nature allows for easy application and excellent adhesion, giving a smooth and matte finish. You can then add a wax or chalk paint lacquer to create different effects or get a higher or smoother sheen. In our opinion Annie Sloan offs the best chalk paint to adhere to the largest variety of surfaces with minimal effort and preparation due to its unique properties. 

How long does chalk paint take to dry?

The drying time for chalk paint largely depends on the environmental conditions and thickness of the paint layer. Typically, it takes about 30 minutes to an hour for the paint to dry to the touch. However, it is recommended to wait for at least 24 hours before applying a second coat or handling the painted surface. Some lighter white chalk paint shades can take several coats to cover whereas darker shades like Grey, Green, Graphite or Black chalk paint can cover in one to two coats. 

Is it necessary to seal chalk paint?

While chalk paint provides a durable finish, applying a protective topcoat or sealant is advisable to enhance longevity and prevent scratches. Chalk Paint Wax can be used as a protective layer over the paint and create a beautiful finish. Ensure that the paint is fully dry before applying the sealant for optimal results. This works especially well over chalk painted furniture as it offers a lovely smooth finish.