Lord Sheraton

Lord Sheraton traditional cleaning products preserve and protect wood and Leather surfaces. Only the finest natural ingredients are used to create wood finishes and specialist Leather care products. Their caretaker furniture polish and Leather shine come in useful spray aerosols or a waxy balsam for the perfect finish.


Can I use Lord Sheraton furniture polish on bare wood?

Lord Sheraton caretaker polish is used for polished wood so it is not recommended on bare untreated wood. For untreated wood, we do have a large selection of wood wax to choose from. You can also try Lord Sheraton Caretaker Wood Balsam as this contains natural beeswax, so you can build up a finish coat in thin layers. Lord sheraton wood balsam is very easy to apply and buff off to a nice sheen. The more thin layers you build up, will result in a better finish and higher shine.

Can Lord Sheraton leather spray polish be used on all Leather items?

Yes this is suitable for all leather items except Suede or Nubuck. The spray is perfect for quick cleaning but for a deeper clean and nourish try lord sheraton leather balsam. Lord Sheraton traditional leather balsam is made from pure beeswax and is in a paste form so you can rub this deep into the leather. This would be more suitable on items such as a handbag, jacket, or leather settees. 

Does lord Sheraton offer a silver polish?

No, but for a good alternative try Antiquax silver polish as this is a non-abrasive cleaning and polishing product that helps to stop tarnish and discolouration. We also offer silver polishing cloths for daily cleaning and maintenance. These cloths are a large size so have lots of life in them and you will be amazed how much tarnish they remove.