Furniture Polish

We offer traditional furniture polish from natural Beeswax polish to lacquers and Varnishes for your wood.  Our Wood Polish is widely used for polishing furniture and well known by the restoration trade. It is used by clock and antique furniture restorers across the UK and will enhance your sheen and patina. A quality furniture wax is used to feed, protect and maintain the natural appearance of the wood.


What is the best furniture polish?

This will depend on if you are re-finishing your furniture from scratch or maintaining the finish. Choosing the best beeswax furniture polish can be confusing as there are so many brands with different properties. As a rule on most pieces of furniture (especially antique furniture) it is best to clean and revive the finish using a polish reviver. This will help add colour back into the finish and create a nice sheen. You can then choose furniture polish that will protect and feed the wood. On antiques Priory polishes finishing wax is ideal. For bare untreated wood, Fiddes supreme wax adds a beautiful sheen and is a superb quality furniture polish wax. For new untreated wood, Osmo offers a wood wax finish that adds a protective water resistant finish. With so many choices, it may be best to email us with images and the type of furniture polish you are looking for so we can advise the best finish possible for your project. 

Can I use furniture polish to seal chalk paint?

You can use wax furniture polish to seal chalk paint but one of the best options is Annie Sloan Chalk Paint Wax. This has been specially designed to be used over Chalk Paint finishes and comes in four different colours from clear to dark. This paste wax will enhance the colour of the paint and also help to create decorative effects. 

Can you polish furniture with wirewool?

You can use very fine wire wool to help with polishing furniture. Wire wool can be used to  strip old wax polish from furniture and also apply the wax. Ultra fine steel wool can be used to apply the wax, especially on bare wood, as this will help push the wood wax into the grain of the wood. You have to be careful not to apply with too much pressure, to ensure you do not scratch the wood. 

Do you offer polish for Oak furniture?

Yes we have a wide range of furniture cleaners and polish for Oak furniture. Polishing wooden furniture is not difficult as long as you choose the correct product. We are always here to help and advise on the most suitable beeswax, so please do not hesitate to email or call. For most Oak furniture, we would suggest a paste wax for an existing finish or a hard wax oil for untreated wood. We also have specialist natural beeswax polishes including products like Antiquax lavender furniture polish, one of the best smelling furniture polish. 

How to clean and polish Teak furniture?

We do have specialist spray furniture polishes that are often used on teak furniture. We also offer a selection of wood oils, including Teak oil and French Polish, used to clean and restore teak furniture. For an easy to use product to refinish teak wood then Osmo wood wax extra thin can be a simple solution, as it is very easy to apply and finish. This does have to be applied to untreated wood but creates a durable and beautiful finish.