Priory Polishes Polish Reviver

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Priory Polishes Polish Reviver cleans and revives the original patina to create a beautiful lustre and enhance the original finish without the need of re-polishing.

  • It removes years of dirt, grime, some white rings, watermarks, Haze and Bloom.
  • It is simple to use and is ideal for use in antique furniture restoration.
  • Cleans and revives the original Patina
  • A Quality Furniture Reviver
  • As featured in the Antiques Trade Gazette.

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Priory Polishes, Polish Reviver cleans and revives the original patina to create a beautiful lustre and enhance the original finish. It removes years of dirt, grime, some white rings, watermarks, Haze and Bloom. It is ideal for use in antique furniture restoration. It is Simple and easy to use. As featured in the Antiques Trade Gazette. Below is an example of an antique Windsor chair that we cleaned and revived the original finish using polish reviver along with Priory dark tones wax finish.

Windsor Chair before Priory Polish ReviverWindsor Chair after Priory Polish Reviver

How to use Priory Polishes Polish Reviver

For a full and comprehensive guide on How to Clean and Revive Wood Furniture, please see our helpful article here. 1. SHAKE WELL BEFORE USE. Wax fill any small scratches, holes etc. before applying. 2. Apply the polish reviver sparingly with a fine Cotton buffing cloth or very fine (0000) Wire wool and always work in the direction of the wood grain. 3. Once applied, use firm pressure with a clean cloth to lift out the dirt and remove the excess. Old stubborn marks may require several applications. 4. For best results, finish with our Priory Polishes Finishing Bees Wax Polish as this will enhance the finish and protect the surface of the wood. It is always recommended to test a small area first.

Watch our video tutorial on how we revived this beautiful Desk.

Frequently asked questions Can you clean wood without finishing it? Polish reviver has been designed to clean wood without the need of re-finishing. It has been used by the antique restoration trade for over 20 years with superb success.

Can this be used on water damaged wood? Yes this works really well on water damaged wood, we have done a step by step guide here on how to repair water damage.

Will this bring wood back to life? Polish reviver is a superb product to bring your wood back to life, as it not only cleans the timber but it also revives the sheen and adds colour back into the timber.

Do I need to protect the wood after reviving? Yes we always recommend to use a good quality bees wax after reviving as this will add a protective layer and will also enhance the finish.

Can I use this as a burnishing cream? Yes, we actually prefer this to burnish wood as we find you get better results. It is a good overall cleaning and reviving product but can act as a burnishing cream on new French polish finishes.

What is the difference between the Polish Reviver and Clock Case Restorer? The Polish Reviver has slightly more burnishing agents so is a slightly stronger cleaner, whereas the Clock Case Restorer works better on veneered wood.

Please Note – Always test in a small inconspicuous area first to ensure you are happy with the results. Always wear protective gloves when using this product.

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11 reviews for Priory Polishes Polish Reviver

  1. DG

    Dan Gower

    I’ve been using this product on furniture for over 8 years and I can’t stress how amazing it is. It’s very effective on any piece of furniture and easy to use. I have tried using other cleaning products in the past and found nothing compares to the results this Polish Reviver produces. I would highly recommend this product.

  2. LD

    Luke Dursrtom

    Fantastic product. Used it on three Georgian mahogany pieces and it worked a treat – leaves the patina but cleans the grime. They looked wonderful after a wax. Well worth the money A++

  3. TB

    The best furniture reviver!

    Thank you for all your advice and what super results I got with this reviver. I will definitely be buying it again.

  4. S


    Simply astonishing product, turns tired old brown furniture into bright, shining, glowing pieces of wood.

    Simple and quick to use, removed decades of grime leaving a clean surface for waxing.

  5. CP

    Clive Prescott

    Used to renovate the casing of a 1930 baden clock case. It does really good job. The case now looks almost new.

  6. M

    Marianne (verified owner)

    Have not used them yet but service and delivery good.

  7. VS

    Veronica Sutton (verified owner)

    Good service, arrived in good time. Thank you.

  8. DS

    Daphne Smith (verified owner)

    What a wonderful product. I have mentioned this to all my friends they must be getting fed up of me talking about it by now. I have Priory furniture, which is over 40 years of age. My table had a haze and after using this reviver my table and other furniture is shining like new.

  9. CG

    Craig Garrod (verified owner)

    Great thanks

  10. MB

    Mark B. (verified owner)

    Excellent product

  11. A

    Anonymous (verified owner)

    Absolutely did what it said on the tin. Brought my mahoghany furniture to life. Will buy again.

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