Worktop Oil

Priory polishes offer a superb selection of wood worktop oils used to improve the aesthetic and add a protective food safe coating to your kitchen worktops.

Osmo TopOil
Osmo TOPOIL - Swatches
Osmo TOPOIL Oil lifestyle
Osmo TopOil - 3037 White Satin
Osmo TopOil - 3061 Acacia Matt
Osmo TopOil - 3038 Terra Satin
Osmo TopOil - 3039 Graphite Satin
Osmo TopOil - 3058 Clear Matt
Osmo TopOil - 3028 Clear Satin

Osmo Top Oil – 500ml

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What oil do you use on wooden worktops?

Worktop oil is a type of oil that is specifically designed to protect and enhance the appearance of wooden worktops or counter-tops. Worktop oils are usually made of a blend of natural oils, such as linseed oil, Tung oil or Teak oil, which are known for their ability to penetrate deep into the wood and protect it from moisture, heat, and other environmental factors. It is typically applied to the surface of the wood using a brush or a lint free cloth, and then left to soak in for a short while before being wiped off with a clean cloth. The oil penetrates the wood and helps to seal it, creating a protective layer that helps to prevent stains, scratches, and other damage from occurring. It also helps to enhance the natural beauty of the wood by bringing out its natural grain and colour. Overall, worktop oil is a great way to protect and maintain wooden kitchen worktops, keeping them looking great for years to come. Here at Priory Polishes we offer some of the best oil for worktops available on the market place and we can always advise what would be best for your project.

Can you use Fiddes hard wax oil tints for oak worktops?

Yes, Fiddes Hard wax oil tints are ideal for use as a kitchen worktop oil. They have a selection of tinted colours from a clear to colours that darkens wood to unique colours that work harmoniously with your timber. This oak worktop oil has been made from natural ingredients and offers a very durable finish.

What wood oil should I use on my beech worktops?

One of the best finishes for Beech kitchen worktops is Osmo Top Oil. This will enhance the natural colour and grain and comes in several different wood sheens. It is always best to sand the surface first to a P120-150 grade and then apply a coat of wood protector first. This will add a protection base coat of soft woods for additional protection. Apply one coat generously on all sides of your wooden worktop and remove any excess before leaving to dry. As a finish coat you can then apply a clear satin or clear Matt Osmo top oil. Apply the first coat thinly using a brush and then with the second coat apply using a lint free easy pad for a smooth finish.

What is the best oil for Walnut worktops?

With ingredient rich hard woods like Walnut and Iroko worktops you need to use a very thin product and not apply too thickly. Osmo Wood Wax Extra Thin is the best oil for wooden worktops of this nature as it is designed to soak into the timber rather than sit on top. This clear worktop oil is best to be applied with two thin coats using an osmo roller, osmo flat brush or easy pad. Once fully dry it is easy to maintain using Anti-bac wood cleaner.