Hammerite is the ultimate solution for all your metal painting needs. This high-quality metal paint provides a durable and long-lasting finish, protecting your surfaces from rust and corrosion. Choose Hammerite for a professional finish and unbeatable protection against the elements.


With Hammerite, you can effortlessly enhance the appearance of your metal, be it furniture, railings, or household fixtures. This paint is specifically formulated to bond directly to metal, ensuring excellent adhesion and superior resistance to chipping, cracking, and fading.

What are the options for different colors and finishes in Hammerite paints?

Hammerite offers a variety of brush on and spray paint options catering to different needs, available in multiple colors and finishes. Here’s a breakdown of their offerings:

  1. High Heat Paint: Available in an aerosol spray can of 400ml, this option comes in Matt Black. It’s specially formulated to withstand high temperatures, making it ideal for surfaces that are exposed to heat.
  2. Barbecue Paint: Also in a 400ml aerosol spray can, this paint comes in Matt Black and is perfect for coating barbecue grills and other outdoor cooking surfaces.
  3. Direct to Rust Metal Paint (Hammered Finish): This line is available in two classic colors; Black and Silver along with a variety of colours. The hammered finish not only enhances the aesthetic but also helps in hiding imperfections on the metal surfaces. It comes in 750ML cans but the black and silver are available with extra 33% free product, offering more value.
  4. Direct to Rust Metal Paint (Smooth Finish): For those who prefer a smooth look, this variant is available in a selection of colours including the popular Gold. Similar to the hammered finish option, it also comes in 750ML cans with 33% more product in the Black and Silver.

These options provide versatility for different projects, ensuring durability and a quality finish.