Antique Restoration

Antique restoration products for repairing and refurbishing old or antique items and bringing them back to their former glory. We offer wood restoration products, used to restore antiques to their original condition or to enhance the appearance while maintaining their historical or aesthetic value. We have a large selection of restoration materials for re-polishing, refinishing or re-gilding. Our antique restoration kits will help by repairing and polishing your timber to a beautiful sheen using traditional waxes, fillers and our renowned polish reviver. The French polish reviver will remove dirt and grime without damaging the original patina. You can restore the original lustre and appearance using traditional methods and this will maintain authenticity. The aim is to preserve the historical and artistic value of the item while respecting its original character. If you do need to re-polish then you can use high quality waxes or French polish finishes as this is what was used originally on most antiques.