Priory Polishes

Our own Priory Polishes brand includes our famous Polish Reviver, Metal cleaning products, clock restoration and traditional Waxes. These have all been developed for the Antique restoration trade but also used by hobbyists around the UK.


What is the best furniture polish for antiques?

Our antique restoration products have been used for over 30 years by professionals including ourselves. We personally think we offer one of the best antique wood furniture polish with our finishing wax but the key to get an excellent finish is to combine this with our polish reviver first. The polish reviver will remove years of dirt, grime etc. but will not damage the patina on polished wood. Once you have cleaned your furniture to a nice shine, you can use our antique wax polish to add extra depth and protection to your finish. Always apply this in thin coats using a lint free cloth and buff between coats. The more thin layers you add will result in a better finish, sheen and this will improve the polish on antiques. Do not apply the antique furniture polish too thick as this will make it more difficult to buff and will leave your finish smeary. 

What is the best way to clean Victorian Brass Handles?

With all handles and cupboard knobs on drawers, the only way to clean them thoroughly is to first remove them from the piece by unscrewing them. Once removed the cleaning will be really easy with use of our brass cleaning concentrate. We have done an article on this here with a step by step guide. It is very simple to use and you dilute the consecrated solution with water and submerge the handles. You will quickly see the grime be removed and bring your brass back to its former glory. 

Do you offer a clock cleaning solution?

Priory polishes is most well known for its clock cleaning fluid as it is renowned throughout the horological restoration trade. It is used to clean brass clock movement with ease by submerging into the solution or by using an ultrasonic machine. The best way is to clean brass clock parts separately but you can also submerge the entire mechanism, to remove the tarnish and grime. This unique solution is especially used for cleaning a longcase clock movement but also many other objects like a brass carriage clock case. Once you are happy with the results, we do also offer clock oil to keep your movement in good working order for years to come. 

Do you offer a wood polish restorer?

Yes, our renowned polish reviver will help to restore and polish wood along with many other objects. It will remove years of dirt and grime and bring a beautiful shine back to your polished surface. It has been used as a leather restorer and can help take ring marks out of antique table. Priory polishes french polish reviver is an essential tool when restoring your polish as it will help revive and restore the original finish rather than stripping back and re-french polishing.