No 1 – Ammoniated Clock Cleaning Concentrate Solution

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Priory Polishes, No 1 Ammoniated Clock Cleaning Concentrate Solution is for the cleaning of Clock movements along with other Brass, Copper and  Bronze objects.

  • Clock Cleaning Fluid used by Horological / Antique Clock restoration trade for many years with great success.
  • Our Clock cleaning solution can be used in an Ultrasonic tank
  • Used for cleaning brass clock parts and clock movements
  • Used on many other Brass, Copper and Bronze objects including coins, handles, castors, fixtures and fittings.

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Our Ammoniated clock cleaning solution is for the for cleaning of clock movements along with many other Brass, Copper and Bronze Objects. It will remove grease, oil, dirt and tarnish on Brass and Copper. With our unique recipe, it has been used for many years by specialist clock restorers to clean clock parts and movements.

How to use Ammoniated Clock Cleaning fluid

  1. For standard cleaning, mix 1 measure of the clock cleaning fluid with 7 measures of cold water in a suitable container, eg. polythene.
  2. Submerge the clock mechanism or brass/copper parts fully into the mixture until all tarnish is removed
  3. For best results, soak for around thirty minutes and then lightly rub over the areas using a brush or 0000 wire wool.
  4. re submerge and repeat around every 30 minutes until you are happy with the results.
  5. For very stubborn dirt and tarnish, several applications may be required.
  6. Once all tarnish is removed, rinse thoroughly with water then polish in the usual way.
  7. For a detailed step by step instructions on cleaning clock mechanisms, see our article here.

Ultrasonic Cleaning

For light soiling or Ultrasonic applications dilute 1 measure of fluid to 8 measures of water

After Cleaning

Once complete, we recommend using Priory Polishes Clock Oil.

To clean your clock case we offer an amazing cleaner here. It revives and cleans without damaging the Patina on your wood.

Please note This Ammoniated clock cleaning solution, does NOT contain Xylene. We do offer a Non ammonia cleaner for very early clocks or for a milder cleaner. When not in use, store on an air tight container. Once opened, use within six months. Always test in a small inconspicuous area first to ensure you are happy with the results. Always wear protective gloves when using this product.

Questions and Answers Will this cleaning solution harm metal springs etc in clock mechanism’s as mine is 100 years old and has 2 springs and I don’t want to dismantle if possible? We have been selling this product for many years to clock restorers and haven’t heard of any issues, for best results restorers usually recommend to take the clocks to pieces but this isn’t always necessary. We do also supply a Non ammoniated concentrate which is not quite as abrasive.

How long should the clock cleaner remain effective when mixed exactly as per the instructions ? Once this is mixed, it needs to be kept in an air-tight container when not in use. Once you start to use this mixed solution, as it becomes grubby, it will start to loose its effectiveness. Most of our restorers only use this once per clock mechanism.

How long should a clock mechanism be left in the cleaning fluid? This will depend on how dirty the mechanism is. I would usually check every thirty minutes to hour and add some agitation to the solution. You will see the dirt and grime start to be removed. Once you are happy with the results, remove and rinse. If it is extremely dirty, you can use a brush or 0000 wire wool to rub over the brass, whilst in the solution. Sometimes, you will need to repeat the process. This can take anywhere from an hour to several hours but it is not recommended to leave over night.

Health and safety. AS WITH ALL CHEMICALS ALWAYS USE PROTECTIVE CLOTHING. Avoid inhaling the vapour. Irritating to eyes, respiratory system and skin. Keep out of reach of children. Avoid contact with eyes, face, hair and skin. Ensure good ventilation of your work station. Keep away from heat, hot surfaces, sparks, open flames and other ignition sources. No smoking. Do not breathe dust/fume/gas/mist/vapours/spray. Wash contaminated clothing before reuse. Do not eat, drink or smoke when using this product. Always wash hands after handling the product.

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16 reviews for No 1 – Ammoniated Clock Cleaning Concentrate Solution

  1. R


    Excellent service and value. The solution worked a treat cleaning a clock mechanism oiled with engine oil 10 years previously and had set to a jelly.

  2. NA

    Neil Allen

    Arrived quickly and as described. Cleaned my clock workings extremely well using ultrasonic tank

  3. RT

    Robert Taylor

    Dipped an old dirty brass clock mechanism in it undiluted, removed much old tarnish and oils, gave it a light brush with a stiff paintbrush, washed it, dried with a hairdryer, oiled with clock oil, has been working since…used to stop at irregular intervals. So for me …it worked.

  4. PC

    Paul Challoner

    All i can say is WOW! where did the oil and grime go?

  5. TA

    Tony Askham

    This is the 8th time I have ordered clock cleaner from Priory polishes and have always been pleased with the results it gives. Great service. Highly recommended.

  6. CM

    C M Garner

    Good description of the product, which I needed as I had not used clock cleaning fluid previously. It has worked very well on the movement of an old cuckoo clock that I am hoping to refurbish.

  7. AA

    Altaf Ahmed (verified owner)

    Have not used as yet, but was really impressed with the care and attention taken to wrap the items in my order and speed of delivery. When first impressions count, this really sets the tone of what I can expect from using the products. In my mind only a firm that really care about their products would pay that much attention to everything.

  8. DH

    David Hardacre

    It is a super product and I do wish I had taken before and after photos, as the results are rapid and positives. As you know, I restore antique oil lamps and this cleaner is possibly better than Horolene and is certainly much cheaper. I will send you more photos of completed restorations soon and you may use these in your marketing programe, if this helps.

  9. DH

    David Hardacre

    Another positive purchase from this lovely efficient company! This time a new product which has proved better than my usual cleaning fluid and far cheaper. All well packed and sent quickly: Thank you!

  10. A

    Anonymous (verified owner)

  11. GM

    Gary Marsh (verified owner)

    Very good service

  12. PM

    Philip M. (verified owner)

    Used as instructed has brought the mechanism of my mantel clock up shinier and cleaner than I have ever seen it

  13. SM

    Stephen M. (verified owner)

    This product was amazing. It did a great job and I now have a working clock back.

  14. A

    Anonymous (verified owner)

    Good service. Good value too.

  15. DA

    David Ashdown (verified owner)

    Works ok

  16. JN

    John Nicholson (verified owner)

    Worked well

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