Colron have been creating wood finishes since 1927 and specialise in waxes and repair products, used on fine furniture or interior woods. Their traditional recipes are still used today by woodworkers and joiners, especially their Danish oil, as this comes in different tinted variations.


Do you supply Colron solvent based wood dye?

Colron wood dye was solvent based several years ago but this has now been updated to a water based solution to be more environmentally friendly. Colron refined wood dye still comes in the most popular colours such as Indian Rosewood, Jacobean Dark Oak, Deep Mahogany, American Walnut, Teak or Antique Pine. As we are Colron wood stain stockists, we display the full selection on our website and offer free home delivery on all orders over £20. Our postage is fully tracked to ensure you get your parcel safely and quickly. 

What is better for furniture, Colron Antique Oil or Colron Wax Polish? 

Colron Refined Antique Oil is ideal for interior furniture that is going to have more heavy use as it will offer a more durable finish. The only downside to this product is it can only be applied to untreated, bare wood. Both Colron finishing wax clear and Colron Beeswax wood polish are made to be applied to bare wood or also can be added to an existing finish to renovate the surface. These are both a paste wax so easy to apply and buff off. If you are just looking for a quick light polish, then there is also a clear liquid wax polish in the range. This can help revive dull finishes and clean your furniture to a nice sheen. 

Is Colron Danish Oil suitable for exterior use? 

Yes, Colron refined danish oil can be used on interior or exterior wood. It is also one of the only available danish oil on the market that comes in tinted colours as most are clear. They do still offer a natural clear danish oil in the range but also very popular colours like georgian medium oak. If you are treating a hard wood like Oak, then you may want to consider using Colron teak oil, as danish oil is mainly used for softwoods like Pine.