Antiquax produce unique restoration products for Furniture, Wood, Marble, Stone, Upholstery Leather, Metal and Glass. Antiquax was founded by Mr Elliott in the early 1900s and their restoration products are used in throughout the world in large stately homes and museums.


Where to buy Antiquax wax polish?

Priory polishes has the entire range of Antiquax products all clearly displayed on our website with home delivery available and free delivery over £20. We stock everything from Antiquax liquid wax floor polish for all wooden floors to their original transparent wax furniture polish. We even have specialist cleaning products for use on marble to a chandelier cleaner that no other brand offers. If you are unsure on what would be the most suitable product for your project, please do not hesitate to contact us for further advice. 

What is the most suitable Antiquax wax polish for my furniture?

For most wood furniture Antiquax original wax polish is the perfect choice, as it has been made from natural beeswax and carnauba wax. This clear, natural wax will enhance the grain of the wood and provide a nice sheen. For a quick polish, Antiquax also offers spray polish that can be used as a daily furniture cleaner. This furniture polish is very easy to use but does not have as good protective qualities as the paste wax. For dark pieces of furniture you can try Antiquax brown wax polish as this is a tinted polish that will cover minor marks and scratches and is more suited to darker timbers such as Mahogany or Oak. One other option would be Antiquax lavender wax polish as this beautiful scented polish will not only smell good but because it smells of Lavender, it can help to deter flies. Whatever you choose, these are good quality products, ideal for cleaning and maintaining furniture. 

Can Antiquax products be used on Leather?

Yes there are specific products in this range perfect for use on Leather. Antiquax leather cream is probably the most popular as it is so easy to use. It comes in a cream form, so is very easy to apply and use. If your leather is very dirty, you may want to consider cleaning it first with Antiquax leather soap as this will remove lots of dirt and grime before treatment. If you have scuffing or scratches to your leather then we also offer Antiquax leather recolouring balm. This comes in various shades, to help colour and mask marks. Again, once treated it is highly recommended to add a layer of leather cream for added protection. 

Does Antiquax offer cleaning products for Silver, Brass and Copper?

Yes we stock a wide range of products for all types of metal cleaning. Antiquax silver dip is ideal for many solid silver and silver plated contents. This also comes in a useful bath sachet version too for larger items. Antiquax brass and copper polish or brass bath are again both very good products for cleaning metals and very easy to use. But for the ultimate cleaning of Brass and Copper, consider using our Ammoniated Cleaning Concentrate Solution, as this is used by many antique restorers across the country and is often featured on television restoration programs.