Decking Oil

We offer quality Decking oil and Decking stain by well known brands to provide protection against the elements and keep your wood decking in superb condition. 


What is Decking Oil used for?

Decking oil is a type of wood finish specifically designed for outdoor decking or other exterior wood surfaces. It is a protective coating that helps enhance the appearance of the wood while providing protection against the elements. Decking oil typically contains a blend of natural oils, along with additives that provide UV resistance and water resistance. These oils penetrate the wood to nourish and this helps to prevent the wood from drying out, cracking or splitting. The oil also helps to prevent the growth of mould, mildew and algae on the surface. Decking oil can enhance the natural colour and grain of the wood but we also offer a selection of different Decking Stain tinted shades. Decking oil is a popular choice for preserving outdoor wooden surfaces as it offers protection, durability and aesthetic enhancement to wood.

What is the best decking oil or stain?

In our opinion decking oil is best as the oil will penetrate the timber better than most stains. If you want to stain your decking then Osmo also now offers a natural decking oil or many different tinted variations all with the same properties to protect your wood decking. This means you can have superb protection along with a colour of your choice. As we have a tinting machine in house, this enables us to be able to send any colour of your choice. This can be ordered in our showroom or online here

How long does decking oil take to dry?

This will depend on the brand but most decking oils will be touch dry in 12 hours and fully dry in 24 hours in warm dry conditions. 

Can you apply decking oil with a roller?

It is not recommended to apply decking oil with a roller as this will not push the oil into the fibres of the wood. It is far better to use a decking brush and Osmo offers a full application kit here. This includes the large decking oil brush made from natural hair bristle, perfect for applying your oil. It also contains a small brush for edges and corners of your wood, along with a tray and disposable inserts, making your decking treatment easy and clean. 

Will decking oil get lighter when dry?

Yes most oiled wood will lighten as it dries. All wood applications look slightly darker when first applied but if you are unsure on the colour, test in a small inconspicuous area first. Wait until this is dry so you can see the true colour and if you are happy, proceed to teat the rest of your wood decking. 

What oil is best to use on Iroko decking?

Iroko is a naturally oily wood so will require a period of weathering for around 12 weeks before treatment. The weathering helps Iroko wood to become more absorbent, so this will allow your oil to penetrate better and offer better protection. Once the weathering period is complete then you can clean the dried wood with methylated spirits. Lightly wipe over the wood surface with the methylated spirit and a lint free cloth. Allow to fully dry and then you can apply two thin coats of decking oil with a Decking Brush. One of the most popular products to use on Iroko decking is Osmo decking oil as it is a quality wood oil that offers superb protection.