Founded in 1878, Osmo Oil is a tried and tested, high quality wood finish. Osmo Wood Oils include Polyx Oil which comes in Tints or a Clear finish with Rapid or Raw Effects. Their renowned Top Oil and Door Oil come with unique finishing properties. The exterior UV protection Oil or Natural Oil Wood Stain colours are ideal outdoor wood applications.

Osmo TopOil
Osmo TOPOIL - Swatches
Osmo TOPOIL Oil lifestyle
Osmo TopOil - 3037 White Satin
Osmo TopOil - 3061 Acacia Matt
Osmo TopOil - 3038 Terra Satin
Osmo TopOil - 3039 Graphite Satin
Osmo TopOil - 3058 Clear Matt
Osmo TopOil - 3028 Clear Satin

Osmo Top Oil – 500ml

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Osmo Liquid Wax Cleaner

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What is the best Osmo Oil for Exterior wood?

This will really depend on the project you are working on. On most projects Osmo UV Oil is an ideal application. It also comes in many different tinted colours, without masking the grain of the wood as it is a transparent finish. Osmo UV Protection Oil Clear and Osmo UV OIl Tints are both designed for vertical wood surfaces such as external doors, wood windows, wood cladding, wood fencing and summer houses. 

If you are looking for more of an opaque finish (similar to paint) then Osmo have produced Osmo country shades. This comes in 120 unique colours inspired by the elements such as Fire, Water, Air and Earth. These superb colours give you amazing UV resistance, excellent protection against all weather conditions and unlike a paint, this wood oil will not crack, peel, flake or blister. Like with all Osmo oils, It is very easy to maintain and care for. 

Osmo Natural Oil Wood Stain is a transparent finish with a good colour range to match your timber that you are treating. The coloured tones do have UV resistance and this Osmo Oil also has biocides, so helps to protect against algae and fungus. Because of the natural colour shades available it can fit harmoniously with your exterior wood and again is very easy to maintain. The Microporous finish allows the wood to breathe so reduces swelling and shrinkage effect on wood unlike many other brands.

What is the best Osmo Oil for Interior Wood Floors?

Without a doubt Osmo Polyx Oil is the best interior finish for wooden floors. Osmo Polyx Oil comes in different types of Clear Sheen and has a superb array of tinted colours. Osmo Polyx Oil Tints are ideal if you want to add a splash of colour to your floor without masking the natural grain of the wood. Osmo Polyx Oil Clear is ideal if you just want to enhance the natural colour of the wood but comes in different sheens to choose from such as Matt, Satin or Glossy. Osmo Polyx Oil Raw is also available if you want full protection of your wood floors but want to keep the natural untreated look of bare wood. Whatever you decide, applying Osmo Oil is easy and the finish coat will protect your wooden floors for years to come.

What Osmo Oil is best for wooden worktops?

The best type of Osmo Oil for treating wooden kitchen worktops is Osmo Top Oil. This special wood oil is made from a combination of natural oils and waxes especially for use on kitchen worktops made of wood. It is very easy to apply and the final cured finish will leave a microporous surface that offers several advantages compared to other similar finishes. Osmo Top Oil does not crack, peel, flake or blister, ensuring long-lasting durability. It is also resistant to various liquids such as wine, beer, cola, coffee, tea, fruit juice, milk and water, ensuring that you won’t have water spots after use.  Overall, Osmo Top Oil is highly recommended for maintaining and enhancing the appearance and longevity of wooden worktops.

Can you spray Osmo Oil?

The simple answer is no for several reasons. The first is most of the exterior range like Natural oil wood stain has added insecticide and fungicide helping to prevent wood staining and wood rotting fungi and wood destroying insects like wood worm. This can be harmful to breath in particles and spraying them will add to many particles in the air, leading to a higher possibility of them being breathed in. Also, when you spray an oil, this is more likely to sit on the wood, rather than penetrate into it. When you apply an Osmo oil with a brush, you are pushing the oil into the grain and pores of the wood leading to better protection. With a brush you will also get a more even finish.

What is the best Osmo oil to use on Veneered Wood?

You have to be very careful what finish you apply to veneered wood as the solvents in many oils can damage the glue under the surface and lift the veneer. On most doors including veneered fire doors, it is recommended to use Osmo Door Oil. Osmo Door Oil has very low solvents so it is designed to not affect the glue under the veneer and therefore reduces the risk of damaging the veneer. If you are looking for a tinted colour then you can also use Osmo Wood Wax Finish (Transparent tones) as this is made with the same base as the door oil. Osmo wood wax finish comes in several lovely colours that still leave the grain of the wood visible. As with all veneer, always test a small area first to ensure compatibility.

What is the best Osmo oil to treat an outdoor Table, Chairs and Bench made from Teak?

If you are looking for a wood protection on exterior teak garden furniture but want keep the wood looking natural with the grain still visible, then you would be best to use Natural oil wood stain. This wood finish is one of the best in the Osmo range to protect against standing water on vertical surfaces. I would also use a lightly tinted colour as this will offer some UV resistance whilst keeping the grain of the wood visible. The more pigment in a wood finish will result in a higher UV resistance. Before applying, I would sand with 120 grit sanding paper and apply two coats. You can then simply add top cost as required for maintenance (using the same colour and finish).