Fiddes Wax has been produced in Cardiff, Wales for nearly 100 years, over four generations.Fiddes and Sons offer a superb range of wood finishes from Supreme Wax Polish to Mellow Bees Wax and their most renowned Fiddes Hard Wax Oil in different Tinted Colours.


What is the Best Fiddes Wax for Wood Furniture?

This will depend on the type of finish you are looking for and if there is an existing finish or if you are finishing bare untreated wood. For bare untreated wood, then Fiddes Supreme Wax Polish is best as this is very easy to use and offers a superb sheen. It comes in several different shades so you can add a tint of colour. It is always best to apply thin coats and buff away any excess wax after a few minutes. Build up the layers with several thin coats. 

If your furniture has an existing finish then it is best to use Fiddes Mellow Wax. This has a higher beeswax content, so will help to nourish your existing finish. We always recommend to clean any dirty or dull surfaces first using Priory Polishes Polish Reviver and then again apply in thin coats and buff between coats to build up the layers of wax. The more thin layers, will lead to a higher sheen. 

What is the most suitable Fiddes Finish for my Wood Floors?

Fiddes Hard Wax Oil is a superb finish for wood floors. It offers a water resistant, very durable finish and comes in several different tinted colours. This is very easy to apply once the wood has been correctly prepared and creates a beautiful finish. Usually two coats offer a very durable finish but if using a Fiddes Hard Wax Oil Tints, it is usually best with a finish of a clear coat to protect your colour. Please see the notes on the listing for the correct clear to apply over each colour (e.g. Belgium grey or white it is best to top coat with the Natural, not the standard clear). Once fully cured, it is very easy to maintain and offers a wonderful satin sheen. 

Can you use Fiddes Hard Wax Oil on Wood Work Tops?

Fiddes Hardwax Oil is perfect for most wood worktops as it is child and food safe, it offers water, heat and stain resistance and is a very durable finish. The finish coat will not crack, flake, peel or blister and is easy to apply and maintain. 

What product is best to maintain Fiddes Hard Wax Oil?

Fiddes offers two products for maintenance. For floors they offer Fiddes Wood Floor Cleaner as this non-abrasive rinse free formulation that revives and maintains wood floors and requires no rinsing as it dries completely smear free. For worktops Fiddes offer an easy to use spray Wood Surface cleaner. This easy to use spray cleaner has been formulated with soaps and natural oils which will not damage or remove the existing wood oil finish. Again this is a rinse free formula that will not remove existing finish or leave dulling residue.