Fiddes Supreme Wax Polish – 400ml

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Fiddes Supreme Wax Polish is ideal for all interior furniture, woodwork and creates a beautiful sheen and patina. It has a unique blend of waxes that naturally enhances the beauty of your wood.

  • Quick Drying and Easy to apply
  • Low Aromatic
  • Excellent Results on Bare Wood
  • Contains an environmentally friendly blend of waxes
  • Naturally enhances the beauty of your wood.
  • Provides a depth of finish that revives and protects the original patina.
  • We offer all colours – Light, Stripped Pine, Light Brown, Antique Brown, Rugger Brown, Forest Brown, Cherry and Jacobean.

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Fiddes Supreme Wax Polish is ideal for all interior furniture, woodwork, which creates a beautiful sheen and patina. It has a unique blend of waxes that naturally enhances the beauty of your wood. We offer all colours in 400ml tins, Light, Stripped Pine, Light Brown, Antique Brown, Rugger Brown, Forest Brown, Cherry and Jacobean. Fiddes Supreme Wax Polish is Toluene free, quick drying, low aromatic and offers excellent results especially on bare or stripped Wood.

How to use Fiddes Supreme Wax Polish

Fiddes Supreme Wax Polish is easy and simple apply. With both options below, wax fill any holes or gaps with our wax filler kits. On bare or stripped woods.

  1. Sand the surface using a fine sanding paper or pad.  Always sand in the direction of the grain and remove any blemishes etc.  prior to the application. Remove all sanding dust and test the chosen shade to ensure you are happy with the colour.
  2. On very open grained woods, you can stain and seal using a Shellac Sealer, but this is optional.
  3. Apply the wax using very fine 0000 wire wool or buffing cloth in the direction of the grain and allow soaking into the wood.
  4. Remove any excess and then once dry, buff to the desired sheen level.
  5. Several coats may be added to build further sheen and protection.
  6. This is ideal on all interior woods, including furniture, panelling, shelving, architraves, hand rails and much more. The natural blend of waxes, will colour the wood, to offer a more traditional look on bare timbers producing a nice sheen.

On previously finished woods such as antique furniture.

  1. For best results, we recommend cleaning the surface first using Priory Polish Reviver using very fine wire wool. This will remove the dirt, grease ready for treatment of the wax finish. This will also give you the best sheen and add to the depth of the colour and finish.
  2. Next using very fine 0000 wire wool, or buffing cloth apply Fiddes Supreme Wax Polish in the direction of the grain onto the surface and remove any excess.
  3. Allow to dry for 5 – 10 minutes and then buff with a buffing cloth to the desired sheen level.
  4. Several coats may be added as the Wax provides a depth of finish that revives and protects any original patina of your wood.

Fiddes Supreme Wax Colours

  • Light – A clear wax that maintains the existing, natural colour of the wood without changing the colour too much. This is ideal if you want to show the grain without darkening the wood.
  • Stripped Pine – A slightly warm honey coloured wax, Ideal for stripped pine furniture and doors. This is widely used on antique pine furniture.
  • Light Brown – Mainly used on lighter timbers that you want to add a subtle shade and warmth to the grain of the wood.
  • Antique Brown – This is very popular on new woods as it produces a light honey brown shade, offering a slightly antique look.
  • Rugger Brown – This is a tone of brown mainly used on hardwoods such as Oak and Walnut but is also a good alternative on Elm and Pine woods for a slightly darker shade.
  • Forest Brown – Forest brown is used on all woods and gives a slightly warmer tone in the timber.
  • Cherry – This is a warm shade ideal for use on Mahogany, Rosewood, Cherry or any wood that needs a warm red rich finish.
  • Jacobean – This wax is very dark so ideal on darker period Oak antique furniture or any timber That you want to add a dark tone.

Questions and Answers

Is Fiddes Supreme Wax Polish good?

Fiddes is a reputable furniture wax and polish brand, and offers a range of popular products for the maintenance and enhancement of furniture and woodwork. With a rich history dating back to 1900, Fiddes and Sons have been crafting waxes and restoration materials for four generations. One of their highly regarded products is Fiddes Supreme Wax Polish, which is perfect for furniture and woodwork that has no previous finish. This wax polish not only creates a beautiful shine but also provides easy maintenance by allowing the addition of thin coats of wax in the future. Additionally, it can be applied to pre-waxed furniture to further enhance the natural beauty of the wood. In our opinion it is a superb wax that offers a good selection of colours and a wonderful finish.

Is this wax suitable for antique furniture?

Yes this wax is perfect for use on antique furniture, especially on woods such as pine. The supreme range is mainly for use on bare woods or previously waxed woods. For antique furniture or wood with an existing high gloss or french polished finish, Fiddes offers their Mellow Wax polish, which is made from beeswax. This range includes a diverse selection of colors such as Clear, Rich Mahogany (with red tones), Georgian Mahogany (with brown tones), English Oak, and Jacobean (ideal for darker woods).

Can Fiddes Supreme Wax be applied on top of any previous finish?

Yes, Fiddes supreme wax can be applied on top of most existing finishes but on interior wood only. It is not suitable for exterior wood and also not suitable for damp areas like bathrooms. For areas that get damp or wet, then Fiddes hard wax oil would be a better option. 

How many coats should I apply?

We would recommend a minimum of 2 coats but the more thin coats you apply, then the better finish you will achieve. You should apply thinly using a lint free cloth and always buff between coats. 

How long does Fiddes Supreme Wax take to dry and cure?

This wood wax is extremely quick drying and usually only takes around 3 minutes in warm dry conditions. Ensure you buff off any excess wax to cure to maximum durability.

Is Fiddes Supreme Wax heat and stain resistant?

No, Although Fiddes Supreme Wax will offer some protection, it is not heat and stain resistant against hot drinks or drink spillages etc. This wax is used to create a beautiful satin sheen that is easy to apply and use. For heat or water resistance then Fiddes hardwax oil is a better option. 

Can I use Fiddes Supreme Wax on top of Fiddes Hard Wax Oil?

Yes, once Fiddes Hard Wax Oil is fully dry, then the supreme wax can add a beautiful sheen and finish. I would only use this on top of furniture or decorative wooden items as with floors or tables you would be better to use Fiddes wood surface cleaner or Fiddes wood floor cleaner for maintenance. 

What is the difference between Fiddes Supreme Wax and Fiddes Mellow Wax?

Fiddes Supreme Wax is quicker drying, offers a higher sheen level and is perfect for bare wood. Fiddes Mellow Wax contains higher beeswax content and so is perfect for antiques with an existing finish to enhance the patina.

Do you offer Fiddes Supreme Wax 400ml – Clear?

With the Fiddes Supreme Wax range, the colour ‘Light’ is actually ‘clear’. Fiddes re-branded the colour Clear to Light to save any confusion as with all waxes, they will very slightly change the tone of the wood. You will never get a pure ‘Clear’ beeswax that does not change the colour to a slightly warmer tone, so ‘Light’ fits the description better.

Please note –  Always do a test area before starting any project to assess product suitability and final finish. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions on the tin at all times. Fiddes Wax Polish can melt to a thick liquid in warm temperatures, the wax is still perfectly fine to use. It will harden if kept in a cool area.

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Light, Stripped Pine, Light Brown, Antique Brown, Rugger Brown, Forest Brown, Cherry, Jacobean

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  1. PP

    Phillips PHILLIPS

    Perfect for my pine furniture

  2. AB

    Anthony Bayston

    Great product will be looking at other wood products in the near future thank you

  3. SB

    Sharon B

    Happy with purchase, haven’t used it yet but price, delivery time and packaging were spot on

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    Anonymous (verified owner)

    Fast and efficient service with a good price on the Fiddes wax I always use.

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