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Fiddes Stripped Pine Wax

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Fiddes Stripped Pine Wax is a warm honey colour, used on bare Stripped Pine wood along with Pine furniture and fittings around the home. It has been used for many years on Pine antique furniture as it offers such a lovely smooth finish.

• Fiddes Supreme Stripped Pine Wax is perfect for Pine furniture.
• It is quick drying and very easy to use.
• Used to produce a Warm Honey colour.
• Contains an environmentally friendly blend of waxes.
• Naturally enhances the beauty of your wood.
• Provides a depth of finish that revives and protects the original patina.
• We offer two sizes, 400 ml or a large 5 Litre tin.

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Stripped Pine is referred to as a natural Pine that has no finish on. This will usually be because the varnish or paint has been removed using a paint stripper. The Stripped Pine colour adds a depth of colour and sheen to this unfinished wood. You often see furniture finished in this Wax such as English Pine, old painted pieces or continental furniture. This is also used on Pine panelling, hand rails, farm house tables and many more objects around the home. Fiddes Supreme Stripped Pine Wax Polish is ideal for Pine timber and offers a unique lighter warm shade.


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