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Fiddes Antique Brown Wax

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Fiddes Antique Brown Wax is very popular on new woods as it produces a light honey brown shade, offering a slightly antique look. This is often used on new wood work around the home to create a traditional waxed finish.

  • Fiddes Antique Brown Wax is a light honey brown shade.
  • It is fast drying and simple to use.
  • Used to create a traditional finish on new wood.
  • Contains an environmentally friendly blend of waxes .
  • Naturally enhances the beauty of your wood.
  • Provides a depth of finish that revives and protects the original patina.
  • We offer two sizes, 400 ml or a large 5 Litre tin.

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Fiddes Supreme Antique Brown is mainly used on interior woods such as furniture, hand rails and panelling. This shade offers a more traditional look to bare wood and offers a nice mellow sheen. This is the ideal colour for light oak, Elm, Ash and Birch, any timber where a lighter sheen is required.


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