Priory Polishes Finishing Bees Wax Furniture Polish – 400 ml

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Priory Polishes Finishing Bees Wax Polish, comes in two options, Light Tones or Medium to Dark Tones.

  • It is a rich Beeswax ideal for all shades
  • It feeds, nourishes and protects all types of wood.
  • Priory wax has been developed from a traditional recipe from the highest quality blended beeswax.
  • It is mainly used by clock, antique furniture restorers but is also suitable for modern finishes
  • It will protect and enhance the sheen of your surface.

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Priory Polishes Finishing Bees Wax, comes in two easy options, Light Tones or Medium to Dark Tones. Our quality blended Beeswax is ideal for all shades of wood as it feeds, nourishes and protects your finish and will enhance the sheen. This has been specially developed from a traditional recipe, used by clock and antique furniture restorers but is also suitable for modern finishes.  It is most suitable for previously finished or sealed interior woods.

How to apply Priory Polishes Finishing Bees Wax

  1. For best results, we recommend cleaning the surface first using Priory Polish Reviver on furniture or Priory Polishes Clock Case Restorer on clocks using very fine wire wool. This will remove the dirt, grease ready for treatment of the wax finish. This will also give you the best sheen and add to the depth of the colour and finish.
  2. Once you have revived your wood finish, take a clean cotton cloth (Priory Polishes Fine Cotton Buffing Cloths are ideal) or a brush in hard to reach areas, and apply small amounts of wax evenly in the direction of the wood grain where possible.
  3. Lightly remove any excess and then leave to dry for around 10 minutes.
  4. Once dry, buff off until the desired sheen has been reached with a soft dry cloth.
  5. Several applications can be applied to deepen the colour and enhance the required finish.

Finishing Wax Light tones    



Our light tones Priory Polishes finishing Bees Wax, is ideal for all lighter shades of wood from Pine, Yew, Ash, Light Oak, Golden Walnut, Elm and satinwood. It leaves a loving sheen and adds a depth of protection to your wood.




        Finishing Wax Medium to Dark tones    


Our Medium to Dark Priory Polishes finishing Bees Wax is ideal for all other shades of wood from Mahogany, Walnut, Medium to Dark Oak and Rosewood. Its unique shade will not only add a beautiful colour but it can help with the covering of small marks and scratches. It will protect your finish and add a lovely shine.





For best results on how to apply and Wax Wooden Furniture, please see our informative article here. it will give you hints and tips on how correctly wax like a professional and get amazing results.

Please Note- Always test in a small inconspicuous area first to ensure you are happy with the results. Always wear protective gloves when using this product.

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Light Woods, Medium to Dark Woods

7 reviews for Priory Polishes Finishing Bees Wax Furniture Polish – 400 ml

  1. R


    The best wax I have ever used !!! amazing results on my antique table. I used the polish reviver first (this removed so much dirt) and then waxed to a high sheen with this wonderful wax 🙂

  2. EW

    Excellent wax that shines!

    Really easy to use wax that actually works. Very helpful seller with real knowledge on restoring furniture. Again thank you for all your advice. Catherine

  3. CH

    Chris Hart

    Another quality product from Priory Polishes which more than lived up to my expectations.

  4. M

    Marianne (verified owner)

    Have not yet used it

  5. DS

    Daphne Smith (verified owner)

    I haven’t used this polish yet, I’ve been too busy using the reviver, but I am sure it will cover any perfections.

  6. LB

    Lawrence B. (verified owner)

    Does what it says .

  7. PM

    Philip M. (verified owner)

    Lovely product gives a beautiful finish, goes on and buffs up easily

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