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How to Apply and Wax Wooden Furniture

Bees Wax Finishes

Beeswax polishing is the oldest form of finishing and it is very simple to do. It can be used on any wooden furniture and is especially effective on antique furniture. Our Priory Polishes Finishing Wax Polish has been developed from a traditional recipe using the highest quality blended rich beeswax. It has been specially formulated for all types of wood especially exotic antique furniture and clocks. Our wax helps to feed, nourish and protect your finish and will enhance the sheen of your surface. It is most suitable for previously finished or sealed woods and is easy to apply and wax wooden furniture using the methods below.

We offer this in two different colours, Light Tones for your lighter golden clear timbers like Oak, Ash, Satinwood or a Medium to Dark Tones, ideal for Mahogany, Rosewood and Walnut. 

Directions for use –

  1. Firstly we would check the whole piece for any scratches, small dents or cracks and use our Wax filler repair kit to fill them.
  • For best results, we highly recommend cleaning the surface first using Priory Polish Reviver as this will remove any dirt, grease etc. This will give you the best overall sheen and colour.
  • Once you have polish revived your entire piece, use our soft buffing cloth or our ultra fine 0000 wire wool to apply our finishing wax. Use a brush to apply into difficult to reach or carved areas. Always apply small amounts evenly in the direction of the wood grain where possible. Applying too thick can result in smeary surfaces and difficult to buff off.
  • Lightly remove any excess wax and then leave to dry for around 10 minutes.
  • Once dry, use our soft buffing cloth to buff off the excess wax until the desired sheen has been reached. 
  • Several applications can be applied to deepen the colour and enhance beautiful patina that has formed over time. Our wax will provide a barrier to protect the finish and will keep your antiques and furniture in beautiful condition.

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