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How to Clean Brass Handles

check you are happy with the Clean Brass Handles

Learn how to clean Brass handles with this simple and easy method below. This works perfect on all solid brass handles, old antique vintage handles and even door handles.

As most handles get very grubby and tarnished over time from use, they can become, black, dull and seized. This is mainly because damp in the atmosphere, years of dirt and grease that has been collected from use.

Rather than replace handles with poor quality modern cheaply made examples, we are going to teach you how to revive and clean brass handles back to a beautiful bright finish with very little effort.

Priory Polishes offer an Ammoniated Cleaning Concentrate fluid, that is used on all metals from Brass, Copper and Bronze. It is ideal for the cleaning of brass handles and is widely used by antique restorers across the country.

 It is extremely effective as you will see with these simple instructions.

  1. The first thing to do is unscrew the handles from the furniture or door and don’t forget to keep any screws or fittings in a safe place.
  2. Place the Ammoniated Cleaning Concentrate fluid along with seven parts water into a jug and mix together. Then pour this into a suitable container, like a polythene tub. Ensure you do this in a well ventilated area as the ammonia can smell quite strong.
  3. Use suitable protective gloves.

4.Place all the handles into the ready mixed solution and leave to soak, usually for at least one hour. You will see the solution start to change colour as the dirt will start to be removed.

5. After one to two hours, the handles will start to look far better. For this example, I left the handles for two hours and then I gave them a light rub over with very fine 0000, wire wool.
6. Once you have cleaned with the wire wool, re-submerge to clean off the last of the dirt. I would leave for around 30 minutes and then check.

• You now need to assess if you are happy with the final finish, if it is still not clean enough, you can lightly rub over again with the wire wool and re-soak for longer.
• Once you are happy with the finish and cleanness of the handles, wash them in clean warm running water.

• Fully dry the handles, with a paper towel or similar as you do not want any dampness left on the metal.

• You can now either just re-apply back onto your door or furniture, or if you want to further protect them from future use, you can use our jade oil, Brass lacquer or a clear wax on internal furniture.

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