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Wax Wooden Furniture

How to Apply and Wax Wooden Furniture

Beeswax polishing is the oldest form of finishing and it is very simple to do. It can be used on any wooden furniture and is especially effective on antique furniture. Our Priory Polishes Finishing Wax Polish has been developed from a traditional recipe using the highest quality blended rich beeswax.

How to Restore a Black Slate Clock

How to Restore a Black Slate Clock

Priory Polishes, Slate Blacking has been specially formulated to restore and revive antique Black Slate Clocks, Black Marble Clocks, Hearths and Tiles etc.

Black Slate Clocks were originally produced in Britain to mourn the loss of Queen Victoria’s husband, Albert, Prince Consort. These lovely little antique clocks were placed on the mantle piece, but because they were above a fire, the heat made their finish become dull over time.