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Protect Garden Furniture with wood Oil

What is the best way to treat and protect garden furniture?

It is essential that you treat and protect garden furniture or the wood will deteriorate and then your furniture will become unusable. This can be a costly mistake as you will have to buy new, rather than just spending a small amount of time to keep them maintained. Most people will treat their garden furniture in spring or summer but you also need to ensure you have a good coating to protect throughout winter. There are a lot of wood care products available to treat your garden furniture but how do you know what is the right choice? Well below you will see the best products available to protect your outdoor wood furniture.

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Door oil

What is the best Door Oil?

Door oil is an easy to use product that helps to maintain and protect your wood from day to day use. After you have spent a lot of time and expense fitting new doors in your home, you need to choose the correct door oil and below is a comprehensive guide on what will be the best door oil for your project.

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Osmo Country Shades Elements

Osmo Country Shades Elements

Osmo Country Shades Elements is a collection of 120 bespoke wood oil colours and is expanding further in the future with an even wider range. These colours have been carefully selected by osmo experts and inspired by the elements of nature and all journeys of life as we experience them. Osmo Country shades has been created with a passion for nature and how it makes us feel. The colour choices can offer a positive impact on our personal spaces, our well being, and also offer a way to express ourselves with your own unique shade. The colours are inspired by Air, Earth, Water and Fire so we hope these colours will inspire you in your own journey.

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grey wood wax

What is the best Grey Wood Wax?

Grey wood wax is becoming more and more popular as this shade fits in perfectly with modern interiors. There are many different brands on the market but what is the best grey wood wax? Below is a full guide on what offers the best colour and finish for your wood and what works best for different projects.

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Chalk Paint

How to Chalk Paint Furniture

Chalk paint is a decorative furniture paint, which was developed by Annie Sloan in the UK over 25 years ago. It is very easy to use and rarely requires any preparation to the wood, such as sanding or stripping with no primer needed. Chalk paint by Annie Sloan is water based, therefore is non flammable and non toxic. There is a large range of colours to choose from and you can easily mix the colours together to extend the range to create a decorative look. Chalk paint can be used to up-cycle vintage furniture along with creating decorative effects on antique furniture. Upcycling furniture is extremely good for the environment as you are recycling, not buying new, therefore reducing your carbon footprint.

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Danish Oil

What is the best Danish Oil for Wood?

Danish Oil is one of the best finishes you can apply onto Oak or Pine to create a water resistant finish with a natural satin sheen. Danish Oil soaks and absorbs deep into the timber and this offers really good long term protection whilst also nourishing and feeding the wood.

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How to colour Metal

How to Colour Metal

There is a simple solution to colour metal by using an antiquing fluid to create an antique patina finish. It is used for ageing metal quickly and works on Brass, Copper, Bronze, Mild Steel and most ferrous materials. Priory Polishes have developed a metal antiquing patination fluid in two shades, either a Black or a Brown. It is a tourmaline fluid that works by etching the colour onto the metal in the same way as a black oxide coating. It is used to create a metal patina with ease so is ideal if you are trying to create an aged effect. Have a look at this video on how easy and quickly you can create an antique metal finish.

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