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Antique Wax

What is the best Antique Wax?

Antique wax has been around for centuries, and there are many varieties that are still in use today. Some people prefer natural waxes, while others prefer synthetic ones. The type of wax used on an object will affect its appearance and durability. As an antique restorer for over 20 years, I have tried and tested them all and below is, in my opinion the best antique wax available in the marketplace today.

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How to clean metal

How to Clean Metal

There are many different products on the market used to clean metal which can offer various results and only work specific metals. Priory polishes have been making cleaning products to restore metal and wood for over 20 years and we have an amazing solution for cleaning all types of metals unlike other brands. Priory polishes metal cleaner works on Brass, Copper, Bronze, Gold, Silver, platinum and most precious metals. This is ideal for use on Jewellery, antique pieces and much more as it is so easy to use. It removes all dirt, grease and tarnish with ease and restores the metal to its original lustre. Below are some helpful guides on how to use the products on each metal with videos.

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Furniture Spray Polish

What is the Best Furniture Spray Polish?

Furniture Spray Polish comes in many different forms and by lots of different brands but how do you know what is the best for your furniture? This type of furniture polish comes in the aerosol tin so is easy to apply and use. Many more well known brands at the supermarket can come with silicone within the ingredients. This can actually damage the finish over time as silicone can cause a sticky finish and attract dust. Here is the full guide to the top 5 best furniture spray polish in the UK, tried and tested by ourselves.

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Wood Oil

The Ultimate Guide to Wood Oil

When choosing wood oil, it is difficult to know what is best and what is the most suitable for your project. Below we have the ultimate guide to the different wood oils and what will be the best option for your wood.

Wood oil treatment creates a finish on wood and can come in a variety of colours. It can be used for interior and exterior use to create a lovely shine and enhance the natural grain of the wood. Wood oil works by soaking deep into the timber to create a barrier and sealant that offers protection.

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Linseed Oil

What is Linseed Oil Used for?

Linseed oil comes from the seed of the flax plant and comes in two different forms, as Raw or Boiled. It is a very traditional finish, used for hundreds of years and still very popular for treating and finishing wood. Linseed oil is used to protect and maintain interior and exterior woods, concrete and is also one of the main ingredients in many paints and varnishes. It is a natural oil so not as bad for the environment as many other solvent based finishes and has a variety of uses from a furniture finish to treating wooden floors.

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Wax for Pine Furniture

What is the best Wax for Pine Furniture?

Using wax for pine furniture will not only protect the finish but it will also improve on the colour. Pine Wax comes in many different forms from a paste to a liquid and even oil so below is the ultimate guide to what is the best wax to use. We have displayed the best from our own experience of waxing pine furniture to what we think offers the best sheen and overall finish.

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