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Different types of Wood Filler

Wood Filler

Wood filler comes in many different forms, used for different purposes, anything from interior to exterior use. Below is the ultimate guide on the most popular and well known brands and what they are used for.

Interior Wood filler

Here are the most popular interior wood fillers used for repairing wood work and often used in furniture restoration.

Osmo Wood Filler

Osmo Wood Filler

Osmo wood filler is the most popular that we sell as it comes in a handy 250g tub so is the ideal size for most repairs. It is used for repairing interior furniture, floorboards, skirting boards and door frames along with many other wooden surfaces around the home. This wood filler is water based and comes ready mixed with no hardener needed. It is very quick and easy to use. We offer a wide range of natural colours along with many other unique Osmo wood finishing products.

Brummer Interior Wood Filler

Brummer Interior Wood Filler

Brummer is one of the most traditional wood fillers on the market today, it has been used by furniture restorers and cabinet makers for over 80 years. Brummer has one of the largest range of fillers available, including interior and exterior grades. These come in a wide variety of wood filler colours to choose from.

Brummer interior wood filler is ideal for repairing furniture, doors, wooden floors and much more. This product is heat proof (up to 90 degrees) and is highly versatile as it can be polished or painted to achieve the desired finish.

Liberon Wood Filler

Liberon Wood Filler

Liberon wood filler is a multi-purpose water-based filler that is ideal for repairing surface damages on wood such as larger holes and deep scratches. This product has good flexibility as it dries fast and can be sanded flat before being stained, waxed, or polished. It comes in a paste form, in three different shades from Pine, Mahogany to Dark Oak. You should always select the colour closest to the wood you are working with. Simply apply using a suitable filling knife or scraper. Make sure you leave it slightly raised so it can be sanded flat. Then allow to fully dry for two hours depending upon the depth of the repair that’s been filled.  

Exterior Wood Filler

Brummer Exterior Wood Filler

Brummer Exterior Wood Filler

There are not many options for outdoor and exterior wood fillers available on the market. Brummer exterior wood filler is one of the best options as it comes in many different colours from white to black. It is used to repair garden furniture, window frames and any external wood. It is perfect for use outside as it is waterproof and can also be used on concrete, plaster and stonework. This makes it very flexible in its use.

Two Part Wood Filler

Rustins Two-Part Professional Wood Filler

Rustins Two Part Wood Filler

Two part wood filler comes with a hardener and is used for tougher repairs on practically any wood. It provides a strong long-lasting repair for all interior and exterior woodwork. This filler requires you to mix two or sometimes more substances together before they can be applied, therefore drying time is generally quicker than single part fillers. Once the hardener has fully cured, it can be drilled, screwed, planed, sanded and even carved to the correct shape being repaired. We offer two different shades, white or natural but this is stainable.

Wax Filler Sticks

Repair King furniture Care Pack – Wax Filler Sticks Dark

Wax Filler Sticks

Wax filler sticks can be used before you apply any finish treatment or as a repair to an existing finish. These are ideal for blending in any scratches, dents, small screw holes and chips in any wood surface. They are very easy to apply and completely reversible if you make a mistake. There are different colour options available to cover a large variety of different woods and some come with a plastic spatula.  Repair king repair kit is ideal as it has everything you need for a fast repair. This can be used on furniture, flooring, doors and kitchen cabinets.

Liberon Wax Filler sticks

Liberon Wax Filler Sticks

Liberon wax filler sticks are available in a widest range of wood colours from Pine to Ebony. This is ideal for repairing finished furniture and other wood surfaces. You can fill small holes, cracks and scratches without sanding or having to strip the finish. Simply scrape off a small piece of wax and soften with your fingers. Then press the wax into the crack or hole using a filling knife or plastic scraper. Flatten down with a plastic scraper and then buff off the excess with a clean cotton buffing cloth.

Liberon Shellac Filler Sticks

Liberon Shellac Filler Sticks

Shellac filler sticks are the traditional repair sticks for filling holes and cracks prior to French polishing and varnishing. Unlike other wax fillers, shellac filler sticks are very brittle so that means you must melt the stick with a hot soldering iron and drip the wax into the damaged area and gradually build it up. Once complete allow the wax to cool down and harden fully. Carefully remove the excess with a plastic scraper and flatten to a smooth finish.  

Liberon Gilt Filler Sticks

Liberon Gilt filler Sticks

Liberon gilt filler sticks are a blended wax filler for the restoration of gilt furniture and gilt mirror frames. They are suitable for filling splits, holes, and missing pieces of gilding. This is often used by restorers to repair gilded work on antique furniture. We offer a wide range of decorative and unique colours for all your restoration needs. This includes silver to various shades of gold. We have also done an interesting article with step by step guide on How to Repair and Restore Gilding.

We have made a short tutorial on how to use wax filler on the video below.

Wood Filler for Laminate Flooring

Liberon Laminate Repair Sticks

Laminate Filler Sticks

Liberon laminate filler sticks are perfect for repairing deep scratches dents and poor fitted joints on laminate floors. They can also be used on laminate kitchen worktops to fill any surface defects. The sticks can be blended together to create a specific colour as each pack contains three different shades. The repairs can be completed without sanding the laminate surface, preventing further scratches. Once complete you can use Liberon Laminate Reviver to blend in and cover any other minor marks surrounding the area.

Grain Filler

Rustins Grain Filler

Rustins Grain Filler

Grain filler is used to achieve a smooth textured and high standard wood finish by filling the pores in the wood grain before French polishing. It is commonly used on very open grained woods such as Mahogany, Walnut and Oak furniture. Applying multiple layers of any wood finish without grain filling can cause pin holes to appear in the finish. Always work on a small area at a time. Apply a thin amount of grain filler, using circular motions to work the paste into the pores of the wood. Use a rag to fill the grain and another clean cloth to remove any excess from the surface. This can result in a smooth, high gloss glass finish once polished. We offer three different shades of ready coloured blends of thick paste from Natural, Oak and Mahogany.

We have made a short tutorial on how to use grain filler on the video below.

If you have had any experience with using wood filler and feel any other products or information is needed please comment below.

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