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Liberon Laminate Repair Sticks

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Liberon Laminate Repair Sticks
• For filling deep scratches and imperfect joints on Laminate floors
• Repairs can be used without sanding
• Can be blended together for a closer colour match
• Comes in a mixed pack of three colours.

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Liberon Laminate Repair Sticks can be used to fill medium to deep scratches and poor fitting joints in laminate flooring. They can also be used on laminate and wood surfaces to fill nail and pin holes.

How to use Liberon Laminate Repair Sticks

1. Select the colour stick closest to that of the laminate that requires filling, if in doubt choose a colour that is slightly darker than the laminate.
2. Rub the Laminate Repair Stick across and along the scratch until it is completely filled.
3. Allow the wax to harden then buff using a soft, lint-free cotton cloth.
4. For superficial scratches and scuffs use Liberon Laminate Reviver.

Please note – Always test products first on a spare surface or an inconspicuous area to check colour, compatibility and end results.


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