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What is the best Wax for Pine Furniture?

Wax for Pine Furniture

Using wax for pine furniture will not only protect the finish but it will also improve on the colour. Pine Wax comes in many different forms from a paste to a liquid and even oil so below is the ultimate guide to what is the best wax to use. We have displayed the best from our own experience of waxing pine furniture to what we think offers the best sheen and overall finish.

Fiddes Stripped Pine Wax

Fiddes Stripped Pine Wax

We have been using Fiddes Stripped Pine Wax for pine furniture for over 20 years as this creates such a lovely sheen, especially on bare wood. It creates a warm shade with attractive shine and works particularly well on antique pine. It is very easy to apply with a soft cloth or very fine steel wool and you simply buff off with a buffing cloth. You can also apply several thin layers to improve the overall finish. This comes in the smaller 400ml tin to a larger 5 Litre size.

Briwax Rustic Pine Wax

Briwax Original Natural Wax Polish - Rustic Pine

In second place, Briwax Rustic Pine Wax Polish is a really good choice as it has been made with solvents to offer very fast drying times. Because of this we recommend to only coat a small area at a time and buff off quickly. This wax also benefits with cleaning agents to help restore old pine furniture. Briwax offer a selection of colours and ‘Briwax antique pine’ will improve the appearance of the grain, sheen and can be applied to an old finishes or on stripped wood.

Liberon Pine Wax Polish Black Bison Paste

Liberon - Black Bison Wax - Antique Pine

Liberon Pine Wax Polish Black Bison Paste is a coloured wax for pine furniture in an easy to use soft Paste form. This wood wax finish is used for nourishing pine by feeding and protecting the timber. Because this is a soft paste it also helps to prevent the pine from drying out and cracking. This wax does offer a really nice aroma, probably the most pleasant of them all.

Liberon Liquid Beeswax

Liberon Liquid Beeswax

Liberon Liquid Beeswax has been made with Pure Turpentine and offers a Clear easy to apply Wax. This is ideal if you want to wax your pine furniture with little effort. It also works extremely well on absorbent soft woods. It offers a superb finish but the only downside is it can take up to six hours to dry before you can buff to a nice sheen. The results once dry, can be quite spectacular.

Priory Light Tones Finishing Bees Wax

Finishing Wax Light tones

Priory Light Tones Finishing Bees Wax is our own brand and is a superb wax for previously finished pine, especially antique pine furniture. This Beeswax finish will not only protect the wood but will improve the level of shine on the wood surface. This works best after cleaning the wood with our polish reviver as it not only cleans but revives the original finish and patina.

Antiquax Natural Beeswax

Antiquax - Natural Beeswax

Antiquax have created a Natural Beeswax, ideal for traditional and vintage furniture. This is a clear application with the ingredients of natural Beeswax, linseed oils and turpentine so it cleans and revives the natural colour of the pine. It is ideal on antique and vintage furniture along with more modern pieces. As it is a cream it is very easy to apply and use.

Briwax Vegan Friendly Wax

Briwax Natural Wood Wax – 125ml - 100% Vegan

Briwax Natural Wood Wax has been made from natural plant oils, hard vegetable waxes and essential oils so is vegan friendly. This is mainly used for protection of interior pine including worktops and areas used for food preparation. It is more of a harder wax so can be difficult to apply in colder temperatures but soon warms in room temperature.

Liberon Liming Wax

Liberon - Liming Wax 250ml

If you are looking for a more decorative finish including a whitewash effect on your pine wood then Liberon Liming Wax is a perfect choice. This white wax works by sticking into the open grain on your pine to create a decorative white effect on modern and vintage furniture. We have created a step by step guide here showing you how to add liming wax on pine wood with ease.  

How to use Wax for Pine Furniture in the correct way

For the correct application for the pine wax, you have to first determine if it has an existing finish or not. If it does not have an existing finish then this would be on bare or stripped pine. You can simply apply straight onto the wood in thin coats and buff between coats to a nice sheen. The more thin coats you apply will achieve a better finish and sheen. You can see below how we have waxed this stripped pine table using the Fiddes wax. This was a bare wood and we produced a lovely honey colour to the finish.

Stripped Pine table waxed restored by Antiques World

You can see how we create a nice sheen on unfinished woods in this informative video.

If your pine furniture already has an existing finish then watch this video as this explains how to get the best finish without removing the existing patina.

We have also done a good video on how to wax pine, this is shows the best method to create a loving shine.

If you have any experience with any of these products or have used others with success, please comment below as we would be interested to hear your thoughts.

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