Wax Finishes

Wax Finishes, including traditional Wood Wax, Furniture Wax Polish and liquid wax to finish your timber to a beautiful sheen. A wax finish enhances its natural beauty and depth of colour of wooden surfaces.


What is wax polish used for?

Wood wax polish is used to create a protective finish but also to revive or restore an existing finish on wooden surfaces such as furniture. A wood wax finish can come in various forms such as a paste, liquid or combination of an oil wax called a hard wax oil. Paste wax for wood is most popular when reviving or restoring furniture, as most will come in various coloured shades to best suit your wood colour. Coloured wood wax can also be useful to disguise scratches and marks in your polished surface. Furniture wax will offer a protective coating on wood furniture to enhance its appearance, sheen and patina. Furniture wax can add a lustrous sheen to the wood, enhancing its natural beauty and depth of colour. If you are looking for a more robust water resistant finish on bare untreated wood, then the best hard wood wax would be a hardwax oil. We offer a natural clear or many different tinted versions. The most popular are Fiddes Hard Wax Oil or Osmo Polyx Oil. If you are unsure on what are the best wax finishes for your project, please contact us for advice, as we are always happy to help. 

Can you put wax polish on bare wood?

Yes for bare wood, we would recommend either a Hardwax oil for a water resistant finish or for a smooth natural finish, we also offer Fiddes Supreme wax. Fiddes supreme wax is one of the best wood wax to create a natural patina with beautiful sheen. Using wax to polish wood creates a thin barrier on the surface that helps to repel water, stains and dust. It will nourish the wood and help to prevent it from drying out and developing cracks or splits. It really depends on the type of finish you are looking for to what is the most suitable polish, so please do not hesitate to contact us for help choosing the best finish. 

How to apply wax polish wood if there is an existing finish?

Applying wax to wood with an existing finish can sometimes be difficult if there is already a build up of old waxes etc. For this we highly recommend cleaning the surface first using a polish reviver. Once the surface is cleaned, you can use a wax polish for wood in very thin coats. Apply a thin coat over the surface and buff away the excess. Repeat this process several times to improve the sheen and finish. Our own Priory Wax has been developed from a traditional recipe from the highest quality blended beeswax, especially made for use on existing finishes such as Antique Furniture. We also offer buffing cloths to help with the process. 

Do you offer a White Wood Wax?

Yes we offer this in several forms. Osmo wood wax finish comes in the white tint and this is ideal for bare untreated wood like furniture or flooring. Liberon also offers a white liming wax to create a white wash finish. We have done an article on how to create this finish here

What is the best wood floor wax polish?

If you are looking to wax an existing finish on a wood floor, then Antiquax floor wax polish is a very popular product. It is silicone free and helps to protect where there is a high level of foot traffic. It is easy to apply and use. If your floor has no finish then we would recommend to use a hard wax oil as this is a more durable finish and comes in clear or many different tinted variations. Osmo Polyx oil tints come in four different sheens and lots of colours to choose from, but you can keep to a clear if you want a natural wood wax finish.