French Polishes

French Polishes are made from Shellac and we offer all types including Button polish, Garnet Polish, Black Polish along with all other French Polishing materials. Our French Polish Supplies are only by the best quality manufacturers like our own brand Priory Polishes and others like Fiddes, Rustins and Liberon


How do you French polish wood?

French polishing is a technique for finishing wood that involves applying multiple layers of shellac to create a high-gloss, mirror-like surface. The process involves applying shellac to the wood using a pad or French polishing brush. French polishing was a popular technique for finishing wood furniture and musical instruments in the 18th and 19th centuries, but it is still used today by skilled craftsmen who appreciate the technique’s unique ability to produce a rich, warm and deep finish. French polishing is an art but can be done by anyone if they know how to do this correctly. Here at Priory polishes we don’t just sell french polishing supplies but we also offer advice and step by step guides on french polishing for beginners. We have a full article here with separate french polishing technique videos. It is worth having a read and watching all the clips for hints and tips. We show preparing wood for french polish, grain filling, using a squirrel mop, bodying up and how to get a beautiful shine. 

How do you repair french polish on furniture?

Before you strip off any old finish, first assess if you can achieve a french polish repair using our Polish reviver. Priory Polishes, Polish Reviver can offer amazing results with french polish restoration, as it can revive the dull tired finish to a high shine without the need of stripping back to bare wood. It can also help to repair water marks on french polish surfaces. Once you have cleaned and revived your finish, you will need to use a french polish wax to add a protective layer. This will also help to build up your sheen and colour of your timber. Priory polishes finishing beeswax is perfect for this. 

Do you offer a French Polishing kit?

Yes, we do offer a shellac french polishing kit which includes a french polish brush and french polishers rubber along with everything else you need to create a beautiful finish. You can also watch our step by step guide and videos here showing how to use all these french polish tools available in the kit. 

Do you offer traditional french polishing supplies?

Yes all the items that we sell are traditional french polish supplies and the correct materials for french polishing. This can be used to refinish furniture, antiques, musical instruments like an acoustic guitar, Pianos and much more. We offer our own brand of polishes that we have been using to restore our own antiques for over 20 years but also well known brands such as Rustins and Liberon.