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Briwax Shellac Sanding Sealer – 500ml

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Briwax Shellac Sanding Sealer is a traditional product used to seal the wood before waxing or French Polishing. It has been formulated using the natural, harvested shellac. Shellac Sanding Sealer uses alcohol to dissolve the shellac and this dries very quickly to form a sealant that can be waxed using Briwax wax finishes along with Shellac polishes.

  • Seals the wood before waxing or French Polishing
  • Easy to apply with a brush
  • Produces a fast drying clear finish
  • Suitable for sealing wood & Furniture

See Full instructions below

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Briwax Shellac Sanding Sealer, forms an ideal base for use before French Polishing or using Briwax wax polishes. It is a traditional sealer formulated from natural harvested shellac derived from sustainable resources. It is suitable for sealing all types of wood prior to waxing or French polishing.  Briwax Shellac Sanding Sealer contains additives which facilitate easy sanding once dry and can seal a coloured wood stain.

How to use Briwax Shellac Sanding Sealer

  1. The wood should be clean, dry and smooth. Ensure there are no previous finish and it is free from grease and wax.
  2. Sand in direction of grain to produce a smooth surface.
  3. If the grain is open, fill with Rustins Grain Filler before application.
  4. Wood staining should be carried out before applying Briwax Shellac Sanding Sealer.
  5. Shake well before use.
  6. Apply Briwax Shellac Sanding Sealer liberally with a soft French polishing brush and allow to dry for 30 – 60 minutes depending on temperature.
  7. Once dry, lightly rub down the surface with very fine sanding paper or 0000 Wire Wool before applying a second coat.
  8. Apply as many coats as required to build a sufficient layer of shellac.
  9. For sealing wood prior to waxing, apply 2 liberal coats but allow to fully dry in-between coats.
  10. Once you are happy with your sealant coat, apply a wax finish or French polish as a final coat.

Please note –

The application Temperature is Ideally 15 – 25ºC

Coverage 8 – 10 square metres per litre

Can be stored for a very long time, if stored in original sealed container in a cool dry place.

Clean-Up equipment whilst wet with methylated spirit.

Health and Safety

Highly flammable. Irritating to eyes. Vapours may cause drowsiness. Keep away from children. Keep away from all sources of ignition. No smoking.


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