Hotspot Stove Rope – 1.5 Metre – 6mm, 9mm or 12mm


Hotspot Stove Rope comes in 1.5 metre lengths and 6mm, 9mm or 12mm thicknesses. They are a glass fibre woven stove rope is suitable for most solid fuel stoves & boilers. Use with Heatbond Stove Rope Fixative. 

  • Glass fibre woven
  • High heat resistance
  • Used on Fuel stoves & Boilers
  • Offers thermal resistance

See Full instructions below 

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Hotspot Stove Rope is a glass fibre woven Stove Rope. It is Suitable for most solid fuel stoves and boilers.  It offers the best thermal resistance and is lightweight, yet still highly efficient as an insulator.  It is suitable for temperatures up to 600⁰C and is resistant to oils, most chemical solvents and is unaffected by material growth. 

How to use Hotspot Stove Rope

  1. Clean away old stove rope and remove any loose/flaky metal from locating channel.  
  2. Apply Hotspot Heatbond Rope Fixative and following the instructions on the container.  
  3. Press Stove Rope firmly into channel.  
  4. Attach heat resistant tape to ends, and then cut to size with scissors. 
  5.  Allow 15 minutes before closing doors and the heat from the appliance will do the rest. 
  6.  If no heat source is available, please allow 24 hours to dry.

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6mm, 9mm, 12mm


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