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How to use Priory Polishes Burnishing Cream

Burnishing Cream

Our Priory Polishes Burnishing Cream is designed to burnish all dull finished surfaces on modern and antique furniture. It is especially effective on newly French polished, lacquered, painted surfaces and varnishes to produce a beautiful sheen. It is also used as a reviver on old finishes but for this process we would recommend to use our Priory Polish Reviver as it is more gentle to the original finish and you will get a better sheen. Burnishing Cream is a light abrasive so it is important to make sure that there is an adequate thickness of polish in order to withstand burnishing of the top layer to give you the desired finish.
Priory Polishes Burnishing Cream is used to remove some white ring marks, heat marks and watermarks. Its main function is for the removal of haze and bloom on newly polished surfaces.

  1. For newly finished surfaces – Shake well before use. Apply sparingly with a soft dry cloth or very fine (0000) Wire Wool. Always work with the grain. Once applied use firm pressure with a clean cloth to buff out the sheen. Always work on a small area at a time. You can also use an electric buffing machine, with the appropriate buffing material but be careful not to do this too fast as the friction can soften the polish which will mark the surface.
  2. For older surfaces – use the same method above but for ring marks, water marks and heat marks etc, firm pressure is required and circular motions may be used, but always finish in the direction of the grain. This is not always successful but works on many pieces.
  3. Continue the above process over the entire surface until your desired finish is achieved.
  4. Once complete, we highly recommend to finish by waxing the entire surface using our Finishing Bees Wax. Apply using our Ultra Fine Wire Wool or Buffing Cloth in the direction of the grain and then buff off. This will stop blooming of your finish and will add a protective barrier to the surface.
Table top half done using Priory Polishes burnishing cream
Table top half done using Priory Polishes burnishing cream

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