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Brummer Exterior Wood Filler – 225g – Waterproof Filler

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Brummer Exterior Wood Filler is a ready to use, waterproof filler that can be used under most finishes including polish, lacquer, varnish and paint. It is also resistant to sea water so is used for most marine applications. Brummer exterior wood filler will not shrink, crack and can be drilled or sanded. It can also be used on concrete, plaster, fibreglass and stonework.

  • Ideal for out-door window frames, doors & garden furniture
  • Waterproof and resistant to sea water
  • Doesn’t Shrink or Crack & you can Drill, Sand & Nail
  • Used on Garden furniture, Greenhouses, Bird tables, Boats, Caravans & Window frames
  • Ready mixed, durable & versatile filler with no sealing required
  • Can be varnished or painted over

See Full instructions below

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Brummer Exterior Wood Filler is a paste based on fillers, pigments and binder. It is available in a vast array of coloured including White, Pine, Light Oak, Natural Oak, Medium Oak, Dark Oak, Dark Mahogany, Teak, Ebony and Beech. It is used to fill nail holes, dents and cracks in wood and is suitable for exterior use. It does not crack and can take stains if mixed before applying. It is waterproof and impervious to sea water, so also suitable for marine use. It may be drilled, sanded etc. once set. For an interior wood filler, please see our Brummer Interior Wood Filler.

How to use Brummer Exterior Wood

  1. Wood should be sanded smooth, clean and free from wax. If wood is to be painted, it should be primed before the Wood Filler is applied.
  2. Apply the filler using a putty knife, forcing into the cracks and holes.
  3. Leave slightly proud of the surface to allow for possible shrinkage.
  4. Sand off any excess.
  5. Brummer Exterior Wood Filler is supplied ready for use, but if it becomes hard, adding a little methylated spirit may soften it.
  6. Allow to dry for about 1 hour, depending on temperature, then sand smooth.
  7. If the hole to be filled is quite deep, it may be filled in stages to minimise shrinkage.
  8. Deeper holes will need extended drying periods.
  9. If applying a clear finish, Brummer exterior Filler can be disguised by painting a pattern onto the dry filler with artists acrylic colours before varnishing.
  10. Leave to dry for 1 hour before applying undercoat or varnish. Deep filled area will require longer drying times.

Please note

The ideal application Temperature is 15-25°C.

Can be used under many paints and varnishes. Most brands should be compatible but if in doubt carry out a small test.

Store in original sealed container in a cool dry place

Clean equipment with methylated spirit or paint thinners whilst soft.

Health and safety

Flammable. Avoid skin contact or inhalation of fumes. Keep container closed. Use outside or in a well ventilated area. Eliminate potential sources of ignition. No smoking.


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