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How to use Priory Polishes Liquid Wax

How to use Priory Polishes Liquid Wax

Our Priory Polishes Liquid Wax is very easy to use and has been developed from a traditional recipe using the highest quality blend of Waxes to nourish your wood. It helps to cover small scratches and enhances the natural beauty of the timber. Priory Liquid Wax, is ideal for the hard to reach areas, like carvings and mouldings that are very dusty and white. It is also perfect for the interiors and backs of furniture (where clothing is not stored) to prevent the timber from drying out and will leave you with a wonderful fresh scent, to replace any musty smells often in old furniture. Our Liquid Wax is mainly used on antiques, antique furniture and antique clocks but also can be used on a variety of modern furniture around the home.

Watch our tutorial on how to use Liquid Wax:

Directions for use –

  • Firstly we would check over the whole piece for any scratches, small dents, chips or cracks and use our Wax Filler Repair Kit to fill them in the appropriate colour (different colours available).
wax stick filler
Use the Wax Filler Repair Kit to fill any holes and marks etc.
  • For best results, we highly recommend cleaning the surface first using Priory Polish Reviver as this will remove the years of dirt, grime, grease and will prepare the surface ready for the application of Liquid Wax. This will allow the Wax to penetrate the timber better and therefore give you a better finish.
  • Shake the Liquid Wax bottle really well before use as the Wax settles to the bottom. It is usually best to pour this into a wide jar that will fit your brush.
PhotoRoom 20201217 162102
Pour the Liquid Wax into a suitable container.
  • Once the piece is cleaned with Polish Reviver, apply the liquid wax using Priory Polishes Fine Cotton Buffing Cloths in circular motions and then wipe over in the direction of the grain. Use a brush to get into carved or awkward areas and then wipe off as much excess as possible, preferably in the direction of the grain.
Applying the Liquid Wax
Applying the Liquid Wax
  • Allow the Liquid Wax to dry for 30 minutes and buff using a clean cloth.
  • Several applications may be needed for the desired finish as it is not a thick as the normal Finishing Wax but it is far easier to buff off and apply.
Liquid Wax Finished Furniture
Liquid Wax Finished Furniture

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