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Rustins Quick Dry Clear Varnish – 500ml – Gloss or Satin

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Rustins Quick Dry Clear Varnish comes in a Gloss or Satin finish and is a hard wearing coating for all interior woodwork.  It is low odour, has minimal effect changing the colour of the wood and is a tough, durable finish for all woodwork including cork.

  • For interior use on Wood, Cork and MDF.
  • Water based & quick drying
  • Gloss or Satin Finish
  • Tough and durable
  • Low odour and non toxic
  • Used as a Sealant for concrete
  • Used on Doors, window frames and Wooden furniture

Please See Full instructions below

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Rustins Quick Dry Clear Varnish is a water based self-cross-linking acrylic emulsion.  The varnish looks milky-white whilst liquid but dries to a hard, durable transparent finish, resistant to water and alcohol.  It is available in clear gloss or Satin and is used on all bare woodwork, cork or hardboard. Its unique properties mean it can also be used as a sealer for concrete, brickwork and plaster. It is low odour, quick-drying and non-yellowing on ageing. It has very little effect on the colour of wood to which it is applied.  Conforms to Safety of Toys Regulations BS EN 71 Part 3 1995.

How to use Rustins Quick Dry Clear Varnish

  1. Surfaces must be clean and previous coatings should be removed with Rustins Strypit Paint and Varnish Stripper. It is advisable to clean old surfaces with White Spirit to remove any wax or contamination, wipe away the solution formed with clean kitchen paper towels.
  2. Stir well before use.
  3. Apply using a Synthetic brush, Varnish Roller or Spray (can be diluted with water about 10% if necessary for spraying, or if the temperature is high).
  4. Lightly sand after first coat to flatten any raised grain.
  5. It is touch dry in 20 minutes typically, depending on temperature and humidity.
  6. Re-coat after 2 hours
  7. The varnish will take 3 days to fully harden.

Please note –

The ideal application Temperature is 15-25°C, do not use below 10°C or in conditions of high humidity.

The coverage is 12-15sq.metres/litre per coat, depending on absorbency of surface.

Spills should be wiped-up immediately to prevent damage.

The surface can be cleaned as required with a mild detergent solution; do not use aggressive cleaning products.

It can be applied over either Rustins Wood Dye, other brands may be incompatible.  Other types of coatings/stains may be incompatible, including acrylic paints and vinyl emulsion.  A test area should be coated to determine compatibility.

Bare wood may be bleached with Wood Bleach prior to varnishing.

Not for use over scumbles or oil-based paints.

Stir well before use.  Satin finishes may dry glossy if not thoroughly stirred, check for settlement on the bottom of the tin and stir to mix-in.

Protect from frost.

Clean with water whilst wet.  If dried-on, clean equipment and brushes with either Rustins Brush Restorer or Rustin’s Strypit.

Health and safety

Non-flammable.  Avoid contact with eyes, skin and clothing.


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