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Jewellers Rouge Powder

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Priory Polishes, superior quality extreme fine Jewellers Rouge Powder is much finer and denser than other powders being sold on the market. Our product contains no impurities or lumps, it is 100% pure refined Iron Oxide (111).

Used by jewellers to clean, polish or remove minor scratches on gold/silver and all precious metals. Also used to remove slight surface scratches on glass, windscreens, watch glasses, fish tanks etc.

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Our Jewellers Rouge is used to clean, polish or remove minor scratches on gold, silver, Jewellery and all precious metals. It can also be used to remove slight surface scratches on glass.

Using Rouge Powder

Please mind your clothes as it can be difficult to wash out. Rouge powder can be mixed with water, olive oil or similar medium into a paste or slurry and used as follows in the instructions below.

Cleaning Gold and Silver:

To polish gold and silver items, smear the Rouge Powder onto a fine cloth and clean the required article. Rub firmly yet quite vigorously across the item or scratch until satisfied with the result and afterwards buff to a sheen. For a cleaner alternative, why not try our Rouge impregnated polishing cloth, ideal for polishing and cleaning jewellery.

Removing Scratches in Glass:

To remove fine scratches in glass, smear the Rouge Powder or paste onto a soft mop attached to a polishing motor; keep the speed slow and polish very slowly until the desired effect is obtained. Avoid overheating! Please note: if you can feel the scratch with your fingernail it is probably too deep to recover with rouge powder.


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